Fully automatic insecticide misting systems that dispense an insect control solution at preset times and durations during the day. Once the initial timer settings are completed this system works day after day reliably and effectively controling insects in your environment.

This is an easily installed, do-it-yourself fly mist system requiring only a few hours to completely protect your animals and your property.

Automatic misting systems can be installed conveniently at the time of new construction, when additions are built, or in existing areas to effectively reduce insect populations.  Systems can be easily expanded to accomodate growth or changes in your facility. 

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We're here to help!

Contact us anytime during office hours for troubleshooting assistance on your fly spray system. If you need immediate help after normal office hours call us at 816-863-8823.

We maintain a large inventory of the most popular maintenance and repair items as well as

insecticide refills that can usually be shipped the same day you order.

Give yourself and your animals a comfortable environment.

Automatic misting systems are ideal for horse and livestock housing, backyards. kennels, pools and patios, boat docks, veterinary clinics. zoos and more.  

Aynywhere where insect control is needed.

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